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May 24, 2018

Irish Students Paid to Vote for Abortion 
Travel grants given to students who pledge to vote to overturn abortion ban. FULL STORY

Cdl. Dolan Defends Pope's Born That Way Remark 
Cdl. Dolan said Pope meant to love everyone. FULL STORY 

Canadian Archbishop Rejecting Protestant Intercommunion
Abp. Terrence Prendergast says it is a 'doctrinal matter' that cannot be settled by a conference of bishops. FULL STORY

Muslims Reclaiming Catholic Conquests
Rally in France held to rename square named after Palestinian war with Jews. FULL STORY

RI Student Punished for Promoting Biblical Marriage
Michael Smalanskas slapped with restraining order for posting flyers. FULL STORY

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May 23, 2018

Vatican Cardinal Blasts Homophobia 
Cdl. Gerhard Mueller calls it an 'invention' to force conformity to ideology. FULL STORY

German Cardinal Defends Male Priesthood 
Cdl. Walter Branmuller says those pushing for female ordinations deserve excommunication. FULL STORY 

Irish Pro-Lifers Called Home
Campaign started urging Irish living abroad to come back to vote on abortion referendum. FULL STORY

Republicans Leading Midterm Election Polls
Support for Democrats dropped sharply in the past month. FULL STORY

US Group Defends Pakistani Christians
American Center for Law and Justice petitioned UN to stop persecution. FULL STORY

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