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June 28, 2017

CNN Producer Revealing Russia Story Factless
An undercover video shows John Bonifield admitting CNN had no proof. FULL STORY

Embattled Mali Bishop Vows to be at Ceremony Making Him a Cardinal
Abp. Jean Zerbo is being accused of laundering 12 million euros through a Swiss bank account. FULL STORY 

All-Ireland Rally for Life Expecting Huge Crowds
The vast majority of Irish are still pro-life.FULL STORY

Consecrated Hosts Desecrated by Islamic Militia in the Philippines
Cdl. of Cotabato condemning the destruction of Catholic Chapel of Malagakit as a "wicked desecration." FULL STORY

EU Human Rights Court Rule Terminally Ill Baby Must Die
Charlie Gard's life support will be removed within days. FULL STORY COMING SOON

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June 27, 2017

CNN Journalists Resign Over Fake News
Media outfit is now requiring all Russia-related stories to be vetted by top brass. FULL STORY

Catholic Comedian Catching Heat Over #NY Pride Post  
Jim Gaffigan's acts normalize the gay lifestyle and poke fun at his faith. FULL STORY 

Dublin's Gay Pride Turned Against Christ
Gays mocked Christ while the Prime Minister promised to expand abortion access. FULL STORY

Trump First President in 26 Years Not to Host Ramadan Dinner
Trump broke the tradition begun by Pres. Clinton. FULL STORY

Petition Declaring Fidelity to Church's Teachings on Marriage
Cdl. Burke, Bp. Schneider & thousands of others have already signed on. FULL STORY

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