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February 14, 2018

Austrian Diocese Blessing Gay Couples for St. Valentine's Day
Diocese of Linz spokesman defends homosexual unions as blessed by God. FULL STORY

UN Worker: Culture of Debauchery in Haiti
Pheobe Greenwood shocked by highly sexualized atmosphere at UN compound. FULL STORY

NJ Priest Praises Transgender Lutheran Pastor, Silence From Archdiocese 
Cdl. Joseph Tobin does nothing about liberal, pro-LGBT priest. FULL STORY

CT Catholic School Caves to Pro-Abort Pressure 
Sacred Heart High School allows girl to support Planned Parenthood.  FULL STORY COMING SOON

Bishops Prioritize Ash Wednesday Over St. Valentine's Day 
Bp. Richard Malone: "fasting and abstinence are required." FULL STORY

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February 13, 2018

Trump Nominates More Conservative Judges
Sets record for most appeals court judges appointed in president's first year. FULL STORY

Portuguese Cardinal Affirms Church Teachings on Marriage
Cdl. Manuel Clemente says chastity required for civilly remarried. FULL STORY

Vatican's Pro-Life Academy Member Argues for Abortion 
Rabbi Fishel Zhal-hen suggests Scripture justifies abortion. FULL STORY

NY Governor Goes After Pro-Life, Pro-Family Businesses 
Bans state agencies from doing business with companies that "support discrimination."  FULL STORY

German Prelate Denounces Islamic Violence
Abp. Ludwig Schick warned some migrants are terrorists. FULL STORY

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